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Whether it's your house or your office, you -and your clients- want to feel at home!. We can help you to create the room that really represents your personality or the companies philosophy. Just think about how you stand in life:

* Are you a colorful person or prefer black and white?

* Are you fun loving or more serious and spiritual?

* What makes you smile? Like the time you spend with your family or when you are in nature?

Or when your exploring new places on this earth or take a cool/warm shower...?

Check out our special Facebook photo-album for more inspiration!


At GAIA Productions we print on canvas and make our own wooden frames for professional stretching of the canvas. Therefor we can print and stretch any size, from small (A3) to large (300cm x 125cm)! Gaia Productions always uses a special UV-ink that will assure a long lasting color. We offer the choice for a full-color print, a black and white print or a sepia-print. Of course our designers can also help you to improve the quality of the picture, make special effects and / or add text. It’s even possible to bring a photo, that we will digitalize and print.

Kaya Industria #15 Suite C5/6
Kralendijk, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 12:30 pm
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Email: info@gaiapro.com
Phone: +(599) 717 3505