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Trade Shows and Business Events

...are a  great way to position your brand as an industry leader and to generate new leads.

Audience / Visitors

Determine who is your target audience. How will you get their attention during the event? Also think in how the visitors will remember you after they get home. During the event: Get attention with (retractable) stand banners and Promo Booths. After the event: Give the people something to remember you, like a personalized:

  • USB-stick (with all the information ready to share on it)
  • Pens
  • Key chains
  • Refrigerator magnets

Roll Ups Banner

By John Smith posted July 30, 2015

We offer a number of different models of fully printable retractable banners also called pull up banners, they are an ideal portable way to help promote your company on conferences, presentations outside of the office, sponsored events and many more.

The banner is rolled up inside the bag it is protected against the elements and will stay perfect for a long time. Most airlines will accept a banner in the bag as a regular piece of luggage. You can use a partially printed or even a blank retractable banner as a projection screen for presentations and even movies.

You can replace the full-color printed banner and keep on reusing the frame with an new printed banner.

When the retractable banner is used for annual conventions or sponsored events, we advise that we place removable stickers on parts of the banner. This way you won’t need the replace the whole banner to change the sponsors of that year! Or… you can leave the banner (partly) unprinted and use the black pull-up banner as a projection screen for presentations!

The banner stands we offer are made of aluminum and come with their own bag for easy transport. Gaia Productions uses high quality banner material and inks so that you can be assured that it will last a long time..


Promotion meets budget:

Keep in mind how you use your promotional items in a cost effective way. For instance: if you only participate in an event once or twice, RENT a frame for your banner at Gaia Productions, instead of buying it.

Plan your timeline:

The development of advertising pieces takes time. So pass by our office 6-8 weeks before the event, to make the perfect, cost effective package!

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Flying banners and Flags

Gaia Productions can design, print and create flags and flying banners, they are a great tool to help advertise your company or event since they will be noticed from afar. Because we print our own flags we can make it almost any size you want, we also make flying banners in different shapes and sizes.

The flying banners we offer come with their own pole and extra heavy foot to prevent them from falling over when there is a lot of wind. We use high quality materials and UV inks to make sure the colors stay bright and wont fade as fast in our harsh sunlight. Flags are one of the oldest forms of communication, they have been used since before the middle ages! Flying banners are portable so you can use them over and over again for your events!

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