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Whether it's your house or your office, you -and your clients- want to feel at home!. We can help you to create the room that really represents your personality or the companies philosophy. Just think about how you stand in life:

* Are you a colorful person or prefer black and white?

* Are you fun loving or more serious and spiritual?

* What makes you smile? Like the time you spend with your family or when you are in nature?

Or when your exploring new places on this earth or take a cool/warm shower...?

Check out our special Facebook photo-album for more inspiration!


At GAIA Productions we print on canvas and make our own wood frames for professional stretching . Therefor we canprovie any size, from small (A3) to large (300cm x 125cm)! Gaia Productions always uses a special UV-ink that will assure a long lasting color. We offer the choice for a full-color print, a black and white print or a sepia-print. Of course our designers can also help you to improve the quality of the picture, make special effects and / or add text. It’s even possible to bring a photo, that we will digitalize and print.

Kaya Industria #15 Suite C5/6
Kralendijk, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 12:30 pm
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Email: info@gaiapro.com
Phone: +(599) 717 3505